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ASCIA Allergic rhinitis e-training for health professionals has been developed by ASCIA to provide accessible, consistent and evidence-based training for medical practitioners and other health professionals in Australia and New Zealand at no charge. ASCIA Allergic rhinitis e-training for health professionals has been updated in March 2022

ASCIA gratefully acknowledges all of the generous supporters of ASCIA education resources, as listed on the ASCIA website https://www.allergy.org.au/about-ascia/sponsors 

Learning outcomes:

  • Recognise the clinical features of allergic rhinitis and possible co-existent conditions.
  • Understand the uses and limitations of allergy testing.
  • Identify pharmacotherapy options available and when to consider allergen immunotherapy.
  • Know when to refer to a specialist.

This course is suitable for medical practitioners (including GPs, paediatricians and physicians), pharmacists, nurse practitioners, nurses, dietitians and other healthcare professionals

Launched 23 March 2022.

Course Instructions

  • A username and password must be obtained from the health professionals e-training website registration process to participate in a course.
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  • You can undertake this course at your own pace.
  • To obtain a Certificate of Completion for ASCIA Allergic rhinitis e-training for Health Professionals a result of 80% or higher is required for the final assessment in Module 5 as well as completion of the Evaluation. If this result is not obtained on the first attempt, you may reattempt the assessment after reviewing the course content.
  • Each module may be reviewed.
  • The module quiz results do not form part of the final assessment but similar questions may be included. 
  • The Final Assessment may be reattempted.   
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